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Live-in Care

Here at 1st Grade Care, we offer live in care services for those who need it most. We know the difficulty of making a decision to move into a care home for those in need of expert care around the clock. 

We understand that, to many, home truly is where the heart is. So we provide live in care as the perfect alternative to the care home setting. With our specialist care services, service users are able to live the lives they want in their own homes.

Many families have turned to live in care for a service that meets everyone’s needs without separating them from the environment they love the most. We provide live in care for people of all ages, including older people, people with physical disabilities, people with sensory loss/impairment, people with mental health problems, and for the elderly mentally infirm.

Our care workers ensure service users do not have to compromise their wants and their rights. 

With our specialist live in care, our service users are able to retain as much control as possible. Our experienced and highly trained live in care workers provide assistance, structure, routine and companionship. 

Your dedicated live in carer will offer personal care cooking and nutrition, administration of house and housekeeping, while also being a source of comfort by developing a true understanding of the individual’s needs.

Every individual receives a unique and tailored plan to ensure needs are always met.

The personal plan/service delivery plan will set out:

  • How the service user’s individual care and support needs will be met.
  • How the service user will be supported to achieve their personal outcomes.
  • The steps which will be taken to mitigate any identified risks to the individual’s well-being
  • The steps which will be taken to support positive risk-taking and independence where it has been determined this is appropriate.

In preparing the personal plan/service delivery plan the organisation will take into account:

  • The individual’s care and support plan.
  • If there is no care and support plan, our specialist assessment will ensure one is put in place.
  • Any health or relevant assessments.
  • The individual’s views, wishes and feelings.
  • Any risks to the individual’s well-being.
  • Any risk to the well-being of other individuals to whom care and support is provided.