Palliative Care At Home

Here at 1st Grade Care, we provide palliative care at home in England and Wales to people aged 18 and over with terminal conditions.

We know the importance of a good support network when nearing the end of life, and with our expert care, service users and their families do not have to be alone.

With our high standards, we ensure that you do not need to move out of the comforts of your home for end of life care that truly meets your needs.

Our professional care workers are trained in how to care and support service users approaching the end of life, providing them with the utmost comfort and care.

We offer each and every one of our service users a completely tailored and unique plan.

Experience has shown us that terminal conditions can manifest in a range of ways and that different personalities, cultures and value systems require different approaches to palliative care. Our palliative care workers are specialists is providing a service that suits you.

We believe people in the last few years and months of their lives deserve moments of the highest quality.

Life should be spent wherever possible with the people they love, whether spouses, siblings, friends or children and grandchildren. Our care workers take care of everything else so you can spend quality time together.

We offer palliative care at home from 15 minutes to 24 hours a day to ensure our service users get exactly what they need.

As a company we lead with compassion and empathy, this underpins everything we do with our service users and their families.

There is no easy way or good time to lose someone you love, but here at 1st Grade Care we can help with some of the stresses and assist your loved one with our palliative care at home.

Palliative Care At Home Services

Within our palliative care package, we offer:

Personal Care


Sleeping & Walking Nights

Sit-in & Respite

Meal Preperation

Morning, Lunch, Tea and Evening Care visits

Laundry, Ironing, Shopping & Domestic Support