Respite Care

Here at 1st Grade Care, we provide respite care so carers and families can find time to destress, rest and rejuvenate.

Adequate respite is not only good for caregivers, but it also has a direct impact on the person being cared for. In ensuring you are rested, you are ensuring a higher standard of care for the person in need. Maintaining your own quality of life, health and wellbeing by taking time out for yourself is essential for the reduction of stress.

Get in touch with us to be relieved of your duties and place care in the hands of someone you can trust.

We offer respite care to service users from 15 minutes to 24 hours a day. In this time, we offer:

Personal Care

Live-In Care

Sleeping & Walking Nights

Sit-in & Respite

Meal Preperation

Morning, Lunch, Tea and Evening Care visits

Laundry, Ironing, Shopping & Domestic Support

Medication Administration

Escorting to Appointments

Why Respite Care is Important?

It is important for everyone, wherever possible, to find time for themselves.

This is especially true for people who are caregivers. The position usually involves a great deal of emotional investment, while also being physically and mentally draining.

Nobody should have to work 24/7 under stress without respite. We understand the difficulty of handing the care of a loved one to somebody else.

Therefore, we work to build unbreakable trust between us, you the caregiver and the person in need of care. Experience has shown us that this trust makes the reality of temporarily leaving your loved one much easier. We work with you on a completely bespoke and tailored plan as part of our respite care package.

We can offer this on a one-off or on a regular basis to ensure you get the time off that you need. As a company of caregivers, we know respite is not a luxury, but should be an essential part of your role as a caregiver.

Studies have revealed that people who act as primary caregivers for family members tend to be at a higher risk for stress health conditions such as depression and various chronic illnesses. Staying healthy and well is essential in ensuring you are the best caregiver you can be.

We can assist by giving you the time off and the peace of mind that you deserve.